Keynote and Closing Remarks

Friday, August 4, 2017

11:00am –12:00pm

Mike Panetta (Beekeeper Group), Sarah Dohl (The Indivisible Project), and Noah Wall (FreedomWorks)

The Tea Party movement grew in opposition to President Obama and ultimately gave rise to the insurgent campaign of President Trump. Now this new President faces his own counter-movement by way of left leaning groups like Indivisible. Two leaders from very different counter-movements will set politics aside to discuss how they were spawned in opposition, what drove them to succeed, but most importantly, what they see as their vision for the future.

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Learning Objectives

– Keeping motivated against all odds
– How to celebrate small victories?
– How to maintain control?
– How to start?
– When does it become a movement?
– Passion to action.
– How to train/ educate non-advocacy/ political people
– How to keep people on message? Or do you choose not to?