Deep Dive Breakout 3

Thursday, August 2, 2018


Want your cause or issue featured on television shows, in movies, video games, or on a celebrity’s social media account? Maybe you’d like to recruit a celebrity to headline an event or testify on the Hill. Learn how to garner celebrity endorsements and secure effective cause placements.

Notes from session:

How to make the case for a celebrity to involve themselves in your issue.

  • Think about what the overall objective and if a celebrity fits the bill
  • Having a celebrity can help break through the clutter and get organizations in the media market
  • Able to get folks to talk about the issue since celebrities have a large social presence
  • Once an organization has a celebrity, need to know how to use them and do crowd control for events. Really need to think about logistical challenges.
  • There is opportunity to get celebrities and other influencers around them to engage with the celebrities content.

Finding the right celebrity (vetting)… and then keeping them on message.

  • Research your celebrities like employees – do a deep dive on his/her social media
  • Be very wary of agents – their customer is the client, not the organization or cause
  • Look for references from other organization
  • Make sure a celebrity’s agent is also passionate about the issue – this helps with negotiating
  • Remember celebrities play by a different set of rules – they’re used to making messes and having someone clean them up
  • At the beginning of negotiations, agencies work with organizations to decide on how many people can attend as part of their entourage
  • Transparency is incredibly important is severing ties with a celebrity
  • Be ready for people who want to meet your celebrity, and having to turn them away. Sometimes organizations may have to act in an agent role.
  • Make sure advocates are always front and center, not necessarily celebrities

What happens when a celebrity picks up your cause organically?

  • Find diamonds in the rough – know your demographic and how to reach them
  • A lot of big celebrities are taken – find people and give them a platform
  • Amplify when a celebrity talk about a specific issue – even if it’s not on purpose
  • Know who your audience values as a celebrity. It might not be obvious at first, but research and understand.

Case studies for successfully using celebrities.

  • Celebrities can help get meetings with high-level lawmakers
  • Do something newsworthy – for example having one football player from every team visit the hill (American Diabetes Association did this)
  • Make sure a celebrity’s objectives are consistent with the organization.