Lunchtime Speaker

Thursday, August 3, 2017

12:30pm – 2:00pm

Susan Brackney, Author of Plan Bee

Author of Plan Bee, and beekeeper, Susan Brackney, explains the art of beekeeping. Could it provide insights into a new way of organizing constituent communities? We certainly think so!

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Session Learning Objectives

– How can beekeeping be a model for advocacy/communication campaigns?
– Explain the social structure of the hive: drone/workers/queen.
– Regicide and introducing a new queen.
– What happens if the queen dies?
– The honey bee diet: choosing what to feed your bees.
– How to avoid getting stung?
– Pests and Predators
– Overstressed bees.
– Keeping an eye out for trouble.
– The honey bee calendar
– Pollinating near and far
– How to deal with crisis about bees dying off?
– How to expand population?
– How to pollinate ideas/cross pollination
– Varying quality and variety of honey
– How have you personally been an advocate for bees?