Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3:15pm – 4:15pm

Bring your business cards and get ready for some Networking Roundtable Discussions! Facilitated discussions will have you getting to know your fellow presenters in a fun, fast-faced environment.


Networking Roundtable 1: “Movies I Love” Facilitated by Chris Gober (The Gober Group)

Networking Roundtable 2: “Wine of the Year” Facilitated by Andy Krakowski (RAP Index)

Networking Roundtable 3: “The Last Book I Read” Facilitated by Dustin Perchal (American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network)

Networking Roundtable 4: “My Five Year Plan” Facilitated by Brad Smith (American Sociological Association)

Networking Roundtable 5: “What Does a Donald Trump Presidency Look Like” Facilitated by Jaime Werner (Congressional Management Foundation)

Networking Roundtable 6: “What Does a Hillary Clinton Presidency Look Like” Facilitated by Seth Turner (Congressional Management Foundation)

Networking Roundtable 7: “Best Music Decade” Facilitated by Atalie Ebersole (Grant Thornton)

Networking Roundtable 8: “Favorite Vacation Spot” Facilitated by Julie Trute (American Optometric Association)


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