Creative Director, The ONE Campaign

Meagan Bond is the Global Creative Director for the ONE Campaign, a campaigning and advocacy organization co-founded by Bono that works to end extreme poverty. She’s developed creative that has mobilized millions of people to take action on important issues, from the Ebola crisis to the unjust treatment of girls and women. She approaches all her work, whether it’s a virtual reality documentary or a night of music and storytelling at Carnegie Hall, with the same philosophy: create experiences that break down barriers, elicit empathy, and empower viewers to take meaningful action.

Meagan started her career at ABC News and POLITICO where she learned the importance of adapting quickly and the power of a story well told. Prior to joining ONE she was the Deputy Director of The Content Project at Home Front Communications, creating videos and events for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She studied Journalism and International Affairs at the University of Maryland and lives in Washington DC.