Thursday, August 2, 2018

10:150am –11:15am

Address industry topics through facilitated discussion in a fun, fast-faced environment. Below are the topics that will be covered, names of facilitators, and talking points for each topic.

Networking Roundtable 1: “When Does Grassroots Become Lobbying?” Facilitated by Jon Spontarelli (State and Federal Communications)

  • What grassroots social media activity is considered lobbying?
  • New social media rules for grassroots lobbying in New York, South Carolina, Illinois
  • Does my grassroots campaign require me to register as a lobbyist?
  • Examples of grassroots thresholds requiring registration: Federal, Washington, Colorado
    • Filing method dependent: IRC vs. LDA
    • Direct vs. Indirect Communications
    • Amount of time spent on grassroots campaigns

Networking Roundtable 2: “Grassroots Targeting” Facilitated by Carlie Gliha (L2 Political)

  • House Files: Existing data is your best first step
  • Data Hygiene – Why you won’t be losing people when you get rid of bad data
  • Learn More about your grassroots file using voter/consumer/donor/demographic information
  • Build and Grow – expand your list using custom or off the shelf modeling
  • Contact channels – Make sure your data has an ability to give you more then mailing address

Networking Roundtable 3: “ROI: Measuring the Impact of Your Campaigns ” Facilitated by Johnny Craig (Crowdskout)

Networking Roundtable 4: “Growing Advocacy Through Mobile Technology” Facilitated by Caroline Thomas (VoterVoice, a FiscalNote Company)

  • Who is using mobile advocacy? Why or why not?
  • How do you use it? Do you use it for inbound/recruiting, outbound messaging, advocacy, etc?
  • How do you avoid ‘opt-out’ and target the right groups on mobile?
  • How do you account for limitations around copy and images?
  • Do you benchmark your mobile advocacy work? How do you measure win and losses?

Networking Roundtable 5: “Creative Methods for Training Advocates” Facilitated by Brad Fitch (Congressional Management Foundation)

  • What methods are you using to raise the level/quality of your grassroots advocates?

Networking Roundtable 6: “Key Contacts vs Advocatess” Facilitated by Brian Aufmuth (Rap Index)

  • What criteria should be used in evaluating who makes a good key contact?
  • Do your activation strategies differ for key contacts vs. advocates?
  • Reach Metrics vs. Impact Metrics. What should you be measuring?

Networking Roundtable 7: “The Future of Advertising in a Connected World” Facilitated by Shannon Lee (Pandora)

  • With myriad media viewing and listening options, let’s discuss a strategy for reaching audiences who aren’t tied to their TV? Did you know that “Light TV Viewers” spend A LOT of time on mobile and listening to streaming audio?
  • Let’s discuss the evolution of creative development – from producing one TV & radio spot to optimizing message delivery across hundreds of different of screens & speakers including home devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. How are campaigns personalizing advertising and ensuring ads are tailored for the consumers viewing and hearing them?
  • Connected home devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home have changed the environment of the home. Similarly, audio listening in-car has moved well beyond relying on the local radio station to play music you like. Consumers are shifting more and more of their viewership to platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO and other non ad-supported platforms. How does this time spent change the way you think about outreach planning? What are innovative and new ways to connect with consumers and voters?