Demonstration Session 3

Friday, August 3 2018


Learn how to speak to your design team like a pro. Know all the terms and nuances, steps, and tricks so they will think you are one of the crew. Also, understand what stresses them out and how to give feedback effectively so your design project will shine.

Notes from session:


  • Chip Kidd, an influential designer has his students receipt the constitution with a pirate accent, pushing them to interpret the content differently.
  • It’s necessary to observe and interpret concept first before turning it into a design.


  • It’s all about feedback and collaboration
  • Keep feedback objective, not subjective
  • Do not use: I, me, you, etc. Once you start hearing this language regroup
  • Realize that we’re not always looking at the same thing – everyone has their own perspective
  • Designers dive deep – managers should help level out the group for the best design result
  • Design moves fast, all of the team is needed to make sure all is aligned
  • The sooner you include design into the conversation, the stronger it will come together. Designers need time to think through aspects of new campaigns – it helps to sow the seed.
  • Design along a brand. Always. And don’t forget to think about the end goal, what ideal action is wanted from a design asset?


  • Use language that makes you comfortable
  • Be as descriptive as possible – need good communication skills
  • Don’t be open-ended with your comments – pull examples for scale.
  • Design is a language itself – but always stick to the language you know.
  • 5 words that I reference every day:
    • Hierarchy – building structure. The first thing you can do to build the foundation of a look and feel
    • Tone – understanding how the goal looks, helps determine color, typography, imagery. Comes across by using descriptive words.
    • Scalability – determining the range of capabilities for a design asset
    • Application/Touchpoints – Where is this going to live? These days we need to build more flexible as assets can be shared so easily
    • Visual Identity – The sum of all branding assets
  • Want to communicate something you have in your mind but you have trouble with the words? Use the words you do have to describe a situation or feeling that you are trying to achieve.


  • What do you find horrific?  Non-responsive sites.
  • What is a site that you have enjoyed? The new libby site (, public library site. Nice UX that feels like an experience.
  • What is the corporate world doing with design that can be translated to the advocacy world? A whole lot, we have to get the experience down of using those tactics with advocacy though.
  • How can you successfully pass projects between designers? Be as descriptive as possible – the key is communication.
  • What tools do you use consecutively? InVision, Sketch, Creative Suite