Deep Dive Breakout 2

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

11:30am – 12:30pm

Samantha Donaldson (Partnership for Public Service),  Amy Shope Manzi (American Heart Association), Nika Nour (Entertainment Software Association), and Seth Turner (Congressional Management Foundation)

Learn the art of ‘Content Curation’ – combining your original pieces with other shared content that reinforces your story. Prepare an editorial calendar, mine for content by monitoring the conversation, and discover tools to enhance and organize your own content.

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How do you make constituents/ employees care?– Planning / Timing / Best practices

  • Congressional Management Foundation has a new subscription-only research center that offers members 15 years of research as text, videos, and slides & charts from surveys. This research can help break down the cynicism people have around advocacy, and help them understand that their voice matters. Avoid overwhelming people with data points, keep it simple, smaller, and more digestible.
  • Focus on personalizing and incentivizing to cut through the clutter. Research shows that personal impact is the key. Connect with people to motivate them to act. Allow users to indicate preferences and segment communication with them accordingly to personalize your messages. If you can’t make a personalized connection, find ways to incentivize them.
  • Identify the little bit needed to get people to tip over to taking the action you want them to. Set a goal for your members – get 10 new advocates, place 25 calls from your community, raise a certain amount of money – and then motivate others by tracking it as a competition.

How do you get ahead of just feeding the beast?

  • Turn your stakeholders into content. Focus on creating incredible experiences with community input. One organization leveraged live-streaming members of Congress and their constituents talking about their issues together.
  • When you’re feeding the beast, make sure the beast is feeding you. Action centers are a gateway to moving advocates up the ladder of engagement.
  • Before adding a platform to your communications, be very realistic about the investment of money and time. Does it make sense to add a new social channel when you haven’t mastered the ones you’re already on? Think strategically about campaigns by doing research on your audience and where to find them, based on your issue or campaign. Then, develop your message before specific posts – and know that it’s OK to repeat posts across platforms (an email and Facebook post might have the same content).
  • Focus on engagement until your time has come. Instead of constantly telling people that “the time is coming soon,” find ways to keep them engaged with tools like quizzes and surveys, and always looking to share new and different stories.
  • To be a good producer, it helps to be a voracious consumer. If you’re scrolling Facebook or reading emails and something catches your attention, try it for yourself!

What are some cool tools?

  • Sprinklr for social scheduling
  • Canva for graphics
  • Snapseed for light photo editing (adding text, filters, etc)