Closing Keynote and Panel Discussion

Friday, August 2, 2019


Chris Bender, Vice President, Public Affairs Council
Vlad Eidelman, Vice President of Research, FiscalNote
Brad Fitch, President and CEO, Congressional Management Foundation
Wilsar Johnson, Director of Digital Strategy, Congressional Black Caucus | Chairwoman Karen Bass
Suzanne Swink, Senior Director, Regulatory Advocacy – Communications & External Affairs, BP America Inc.

We know that Hill offices are craving personalized messages but will this trend continue or will they seek more regular micro-feedback from constituents? What role will AI play? What about new technologies? Will constituents need to be verified? Will grassroots campaigns need to register like lobbyists? How will deep-fake videos erode trust? Maybe candidates will start appearing as holograms at town-hall meetings. Our experts will look to current trends to predict the future of our industry. A can’t miss session to close out the Summit.